How to payment.
  • When you make a booking by filling out the form via the resort's Web site (Please specify all fields in the form to contact).
  • System will mail the booking to the resort we will contact you back via Email or the phone number that you specify in the form.
  • The resort to check availability for you booking.
  • We Will issue a confirmation of reservation and payment 50% back to the you via e-mail. 
  • you can pay by the amount of the invoice.
  • The rest 50% payment, you can pay at the resort by cash or credit card.
  • The booking will be considered complete. When the resort received a deposit from you, at least 50% of total amount.
  • Please contact the resort to confirm your booking immediately. Once you have paid. Please retain proof of payment is an important document.
  • The resort reserves the right to specify the number of the bank account on the site. 
  • you can check with resort or pay via bank according to the terms specified in the invoice only.
  • If you have booking confirm. No deposit payment within 24 hours or with in the time designated by staff. 
    The resort has the right to cancel your reservation. With out prior notice.
The refund.
  • If you do not come to check in  on the day of your booking. We reserve the right to refund 50% to you.
  • In case of inability to stay on the date of booking. The customer can change date for booking before 10-14 days.